It’s easy to create your new and awesome Voicebot… NOT an app, nothing to download or install – ever!

"Hello, what can I help you find today?"

An intelligent voice-powered aisle directory for your store

Aislexa™ gives your customers instant access to the location of any item in your store
using their mobile phones or optional electronic displays

Easy Access - No App To Download

Customers use Aislexa™ simply by scanning your store-specific QR code with their phones or using optional electronic displays

Simple Setup, Awesome Support

Using Aislexa™ is simple but you won’t be alone- we help with setup and usage of the service and provide responsive support, including a dedicated Account Manager

Happy Shoppers

Improve customer shopping experience

Maintenance Free

Aislexa™ runs in the cloud so no apps to download or maintain, ever!

A unique addition to any type of store...

Try it today and see how easy it is to add a voice-powered directory to your store

How it works

It's simple to launch your Aislexa™ store directory, no customer apps or downloads required

Create an account for your store, upload your store logo and item directory file (Excel).

Display your store's unique QR Code on signage for customers to scan with their phones

Your customers now have a voice-powered directory at their fingertips

Visit the FAQs page to learn more.

Optional Displays

Optional tablet displays allow customers to interact directly with Aislexa™ and also display the same QR Code for customers to scan with their phones, just like your regular signage

Aislexa™ Voicebot Demo ...see it in action!

Just tap the info circle and say a common item like "Coffee" or "Pasta"

Everything you need for an
intelligent voice-powered store directory

Simple setup. Get your store signed up today!

Optimized for Mobile Devices ...and tablets too!

100% Responsive

Aislexa™ is fully responsive and will adapt to any device

Retina Ready

Aislexa™ is Retina Ready and looks sharp on any device

Get your store talking

Create your new voicebot today with Aislexa™!

Sign-up now for only $99/month after Free 30-Day Trial

Your Customers Will Thank You 🙂